Billing Questions

Below are the most common billing questions and answers.  Still have questions? Call us at 800-641-2140

A. Your solar credits will appear as “CDG Generation Credits” on your NYSEG bill. “CDG” is short for Community Distributed Generation and is another name for community solar farms. You’ll see your credits in two places: 1) the “Electricity Delivery Charges” section and 2) in either the “Electricity Supply Charges” or “Miscellaneous Charges” section. Your NYSEG bill will be reduced by the amount of solar credits on your bill.  Here is a sample NYSEG bill. MyNYSEGbill_121819

A: Here is a sample of a Solar Farms New York bill. Sample_Bill_052120

A. Each month NYSEG will apply solar credits based on your monthly usage. Solar Farms New York then bills you at your guaranteed discount for the value of the solar credits you received.

A. Although you are receiving two separate bills, your NYSEG bill reduces your electricity costs by the amount of CDG credits you receive, and Solar Farms New York bills for the credits at a reduced rate. In other words, you are paying Solar Farms New York LESS than you would otherwise pay NYSEG.

A: Yes, it’s easy! Call us at 800-641-2140 and we’ll set your account up for Direct Debit from your bank account, so you won’t need to remember payment dates. You’ll still receive a confirmation in the mail for your records. Plus, as an extra bonus, you’ll also receive a $25 credit on your next statement.

A: Sometimes your promotional credit will exceed your entire payment due to us for that month. If this happens, you will see the remaining dollar credit on your next bill from Solar Farms New York.

A. As a community solar program, we rely on NYSEG reporting your usage and solar credits received to produce our bill. Your Solar Farms New York bill will be a few weeks behind your NYSEG bill. If you compare your Solar Farms New York bill against the related NYSEG bill, your solar credits will match up, with your guaranteed savings applied. We only bill for solar credits you have already received through NYSEG.