Clean Energy Partnership

WHAT IS A CLEAN ENERGY PARTNER?  Clean Energy Partners share Solar Farms NY’s commitment to a clean energy future and a stronger, healthier New York State. Together we are reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy. Furthermore, Clean Energy Partners receive compensation each time they register a Solar Farms NY customer. In short, we’ll contribute $50-$100 in unrestricted funds to an organization each time a customer signs on to a Solar Farms NY account.

WHAT TYPES OF BUSINESSES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR MEMBERSHIP?  Clean Energy Partners can include municipalities, local businesses, PTAs, libraries, museums, environmental groups, religious houses of worship, religious schools, not-for-profit corporations’ community residences, trails groups, housing and lake associations, 4Hs…

HOW DOES IT BENEFIT MY CUSTOMERS?  Solar Farms NY plans provide residential customers the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy. Additionally, Solar Farms NY offers new members enrollment benefits like debit cards, discounts, energy related products, branded t-shirts, or even free energy. Monthly benefits include shopping and dining rewards. We can help tailor your offer to best suit your customers and your organization’s needs.

WILL MY CUSTOMERS SAVE MONEY?  Yes. Customers receive a guaranteed 5% savings on solar credits applied to their bill — simply by registering with Solar Farms NY. For example: members receive their solar credits on their NYSEG bill for $100 in solar credits. Solar Farms NY then bills the customer $95 – that’s a 5% savings. If customers are not completely satisfied, they can cancel at any time.

HOW DOES MY TOWN BENEFIT?  Our municipality Clean Energy Partners have two options. They can either contribute the funds to local nonprofits or retain the monies for town-led projects.

HOW DOES MY BUSINESS BENEFIT?  In addition to financial compensation, Clean Energy Partners are featured on and in other Solar Farms NY marketing communications.

HOW CAN NON-PROFITS BENEFIT?  Non-profits receive unrestricted funding support from Solar Farms NY. Here’s an example: as a Clean Energy Partner, each time a local PTA registers a new Solar Farms NY customer, that PTA will receive a $100 donation from Solar Farms NY. The PTA may choose to earmark these donations for capital expenses, to fund a special project, towards general operating support, or for another fundraising goal.

HOW DO I PROMOTE MY PARTNERSHIP?  Each Clean Energy Partner is assigned a personalized webpage and a unique code, which identify your organization as the referral source. The Solar Farms NY team will customize materials based on your needs and will help advise on strategies. Point of Sale displays, “take ones”, placards, posters, bookmarks, email and postcard mailers are just some of the ways Solar Farms NY helps promote our partnerships. We have also contributed blog material for our business partners to increase publicity.



Katy Reed
Clean Energy Partners Liaison
Solar Farms NY
c: 203.212.1608