~ Jeffrey Mayer

Welcome to the New York Community Solar Movement!

NY Solar Farms is now bringing easy clean energy options to New Yorkers.

With solar farms all homeowners can enjoy the benefits of solar energy: Renters of apartments of homes who don’t own their own rooftops, homeowners whose roofs are old or in the shade, businesses that can’t make a 20-year commitment.
How does it work?
Solar farms sell their clean energy to the utilities. Utilities like NYSEG take that power into the grid, bringing clean energy to all ratepayers. Utilities credit community solar participants with the dollar value of the solar energy. Then the participants pay for the credits.
75% of homes don’t qualify for rooftop solar panel installation because of poor roof conditions, insufficient light exposure, or insufficient credit. Apartment and condominium buildings have rooftops that are too small.
Now everybody can participate in community solar.
As a member of a NY Solar Farms community, you can purchase clean, solar energy. Sign up online or call us. All you need is a copy of your utility bill.
What will happen to your utility bills?
Nothing. Your local utility will continue to bill you each month. But your utility bill will drop sharply after your utility credits you with the value of the solar electricity generated at the solar farm.
You will still need to pay for your solar credits. New York Solar Farms will send you a monthly bill for exactly the same amount as the utility credited to your bill plus $2.95 or $5.95, depending on the plan you choose.

Your net monthly cost will be $2.95 or $5.95. As a NY Solar Farms member, you will reduce the amount of carbon-based electricity generated in your community. At the same time you benefit the community with lower carbon emissions you will help support your local economy with the jobs that solar farms bring.

How do you know if you’re eligible?
Anybody can participate in a community solar farm as long as he or she lives in the utility territory where the solar farm is located. New York Solar Farms will also need to have a copy of your utility bill in order to make sure that you will not receive more solar credits than you can use.
Are you making a long-term commitment?

No! You can stay as long as you want.  You can cancel at anytime without penalty.

Where are your solar farms built?
All over the state! We currently have solar farms in Chemung, Clinton, Broome and other counties. We are working on farms in other parts of the state. If a solar farm is sold out we will put you on a waiting list and assign you to the first farm that becomes available.
What happens if you run out of Solar Credits?
Unfortunately, solar farms can only supply enough solar credits for 300 to 400 customers. If you sign up and our solar farms run out of Solar Credits for new customers, we will put you on a waiting list and let you know when a new solar farm opens up.

Join us.

Help capture 100% NY Sunshine and enroll in a New York Solar Farm.